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Toddler Class Updates

Ms Amanda's Toddler A and Ms Sarah's Toddler B Class Updates Toddler B is continuing down the road on our potty training adventure. All our friends are almost completely potty trained! Now we are moving on to letter recognition. We will be working daily with the children on not only recognizing all the letters of the alphabet, but also focusing on recognizing the first letter of their name. During our daily large group, we sing a song called “A is for Apple” (you can find on YouTube) to help the children learn letters and begin to recognize them. We also have a special version that contains the children’s pictures and names. This helps the children know what letter goes with their name!

Ms Haley's Toddler C Update Toddler C has had some delightful additions in the classroom this past month with our two new students and the help of our new assistant teacher, Ms. Liz! Ms. Liz will be helping in our arts and crafts department as well as leading certain group activities.

On the topic of arts and crafts, some of you may have noticed less art work being sent home this past month. I assure you, we are still having adequate time for these activities. However, we are focusing more on the experience of art rather than the product that is often sent home. This means both the teachers and the students are able to focus more on the materials, colors, textures, techniques, and what the children enjoy, rather than the “cookie-cutter” artwork we have done in the past. This encourages more creativity and more freedom to explore artwork rather than trying to get a certain result. Don’t worry though, we will be sure to send pictures of the students enjoying themselves via Kid Reports.

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