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Ms Angela & Ms Iris' Class - Infants

Hello from the Bright Beginnings infant room!

We have been hard at work with a number of projects this month. We are learning how to sit at the table like the big kids, how to use a cup and eating utensils, and how to use a big kid cot during nap time. We have been reading stories about colors, playing and exploring with different colors and art activities, and singing songs about winter and cold weather.

During the coming months we have been planning some fun activities that we hope you can join in! We will be working on Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and Grandparents Day activities. Also, we have been gathering items for projects that we hope you will come and do with the children.

Please remember that winter will be with us for a few weeks more, and we do hope to make it outside for a bit each day, so the children will need warm clothes, shoes, hats, and gloves to play comfortably.

If you would like to participate in the center volunteer activities, please speak with Miss Dominique, Miss Angela, Miss Iris, Miss Ashley, or Miss Summer. The children love to see new faces coming in to play, especially if it is their parents. Come join us for lots of fun with our sweet babies!

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