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Ms Teresa & Ms Summer's Class - Toddler A

Hello, parents!

A big thank you to the parents that came on our first field trip of the year and helped out, and I look forward to more in the future!

Potty training is still going great, and Ms Summer and myself will continue to help your children gain independence.

Our theme for the month of April is showers and flowers. We will explore science as we will plant, water, and grow flowers. Our toddlers like to be hands on, so they will tend to the flowers themselves (ie. watering, planting, and checking them in the morning and afternoon).

I have changed circle time up a lot. We exercise at a fast pace, and then we have ten yoga positions for calm down (we count to ten as we hold them). I am teaching them a song in sign language, and this month we will start working on our puppets. I've added a tambourine tap which is a series of rhythm beats counting to ten.

As always, parents and grandparents are encouraged to come visit the class between 10:30 and 11:00!

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