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Letter from the Director!

Dear Parents,

The summer has been full of excitement! We have so many new walking children, we have added new teachers, and our kitchen renovation project is nearly complete. Thank you to all of the families that came to the Father's Day Family Cook Out; it was an event to remember!

Here at DCD, we are committed to partnering with parents. Research shows that children who have family members participate in their school perform better in the classroom and also have higher confidence. While we have play-based teaching practices, we implement curriculum in every classroom each day. Our objective is to build healthy foundations (physical, mental, social, and emotional) for all of our children. It has been a great pleasure working with you to help our students.

We also have an exciting announcement! The organization is beginning work on our sister site in Owasso, OK. Our new center will be located at 106th and Sheridan. We have a ground breaking celebration July 10th at 10am. Our Preschool children will be traveling to the site to participate in the celebration. The Owasso Center will have 10 classrooms and serve the same ages of children as we do here, 0-5years old. Lots of new information yet to come about Owasso! It will open in Spring 2019.

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