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Ms Naisha's Class - Early Preschool 2

It’s officially hot! Hot! Hot!

Summer has arrived! Please continue to bring cool summertime clothes for our friends to play in - to get wet, muddy, and sandy. We love to explore the outdoors and everything it has to offer, but we need to mindful that this weather can affect our little friends. Please rest assured that prior to going outdoors, we put on sunscreen. Children also have access to water at any time to keep them hydrated and healthy.

Too much heat can be dangerous. Look for us to spend outdoor lesson time during the morning hours.

Unfortunately, kiddos do get sick during the summertime. Sometimes it is too much heat, sometimes it is a bad batch of potato salad. So please listen to them when they say they’re not feeling well, and keep them home until they perk up! Our policies require that children are not to be brought to the center if they are ill and unable to participate in the daily activities.

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