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Ms Amanda Jones—Family Child Care Home 1 Bartlesville

Hello Parents!

It feels like January left us just as quickly as it got here. We have been so busy that the month just flew by. This month some of us have been working on our communication skills, and we are getting really good at using our words to talk to each other. We sometimes need some help getting our words out, but we are proud to say that our vocabulary is really growing.

A few of us have also been getting creative using our gross motor skills, and we're learning all the different ways our bodies can move. Our favorite unit this month was on Transportation. We were so excited to learn about all the many different ways people travel around. Our transportation books have given us a whole new set of vocabulary words. Some of our favorites were motorcycles, airplanes, garbage trucks, trains, and tractors. We even got to look out the front door at the different vehicles outside that people use. Make sure you point these out to your child outside of school, too. Children love learning what they are called and how to say them.

In February we will be talking about dinosaurs, which we love! We will talk about what we think dinosaurs eat, what they look like, what they feel like, what they smell like, etc. We love talking about and learning about dinosaurs. They are some of our favorite things to play with and pretend to be...ROAR!!!

Valentine's Day is also this month, and we do plan to have a party. It will be on Valentine's Day in the afternoon around 3:00. If you can, we would love for you all to come. We will post more information about that very soon. During the week of Valentine's Day, we will learn about the words love and friendship. We love our friends so much, and we are excited to learn new, safe ways to play with our friends. We are so excited about next month! We cannot wait to learn many more things!

Ms. Amanda

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