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Ms Nicole’s Class—Preschool

Hello, Preschool parents!

We had such an amazing time investigating boxes that your children decided to keep some in the classroom for fun. I am sure that you all have had a chance to see our quiet space we made. We worked together as a team and put it together, then painted it.

Our class has become a victim of the nasty Flu bug and I want to remind you that hand washing and covering your sneezes and coughs is an important part of keeping our friends and family safe from getting it as well. I make sure that I ask the children to sing the ABC's twice and use warm water and soap while scrubbing every part of their hands. I always tell them that we share Toys, not Germs!

This month we started to learn about recycling and keeping the earth clean. I've asked the children to ask you about things around the house that they can recycle. We will take anything that can be recycled. We can sort and classify them as a class. Things we are looking for are cans, newspapers, magazines, plastic bottles, etc. As soon as we get some more warm weather, we will venture out to the surrounding areas on campus and explore litter, remove it, and take it to the on-campus recycling bins, putting it in the correct bin. Exploring ways to keep the earth clean and livable will be a fun experience for us all.

I want you all to know that I appreciate you and your involvement with our class. It is important for children’s growth and development to see you engaged and being a part of their class. You are always welcome to come by eat, read (we love new readers), or even just play and get to know your child's friends.

"At the end of the day, the most overwhelming key to a child's success is the positive involvement of parents."-Jane D. Hull

Nicole Blevins

Master Teacher Pre-School


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