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Letter from the Director!

Dear Parents,

This upcoming month is full of transitions. Our older children may be going back to school; our younger children may have new friends in class. We as adults may be adjusting to the end of the summer schedules for our families. During times of transitions, communication is key. Take time to reflect: how does your family stay in touch? How often do you communicate? How does your family invite the children to participate and express their thoughts to everyone?

Best practices for child development do include communication to and with children. Children, even as they are working on pronunciation, are eager to participate in community with other people. We will be involving our children in collaborative opportunities in our classrooms and promoting language in speaking and in song. We hope these intentional efforts in establishing connections, familiarity, and routine will guide our transitions towards smooth success.

As it is that time of year as well, family members please prepare yourself for our upcoming PTO meetings. Our Parent-Teacher Organization has goals of: 1) Sharing information, 2) Connecting Parents, and 3) Growing Together. In these meetings (once a month, beginning in September), family members are invited in to learn more about child development and dialogue about our experiences with children. These meetings occur in the evenings and include provided child care.

Dominique Lewis

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