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Ms Mollie's Classroom 3

Hello from Classroom 3!

This last month we talked about community helpers and how they help us. We had a sheriff talk to us about how they keep us safe, a cook talk to us about healthy eating, and a doctor talk to us about what happens when you come for a doctor visit. All the children wanted to put band aids on and have us wrap their arms and legs up like they had a cast on. We also had a Dental Hygienist come talk about keeping our teeth clean, and we got to practice brushing in a dinosaurs mouth. One of their favorites was when the firefighters came, and we got to walk through a firetruck!!!! We all learned something new and to have an appreciation for what others do to help us.

There are two new faces that have joined our classroom. It has been fun watching the children teach them our routines and how we do daily activities in the classroom. It goes to show that routines and repetitions throughout the day are very important and are the structure that they need.

For this month, we will be focusing on physical development again and really strengthening what we already have developed. We will be using our large muscle skills outside climbing on the structures, encouraging them to try to do things without assistance or very little assistance, making sure that they feel safe and secure enough to try and be more independent.

Ms. Mollie and Ms. Ashley

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