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Ms Anita's Class - Toddler 3

This month your child will continue to work on their communication skills and early literacy. In the classroom, we will provide the children opportunities to expand their vocabulary. By reading familiar books and singing familiar songs, we are helping them distinguish familiar sounds and spoken words. Throughout the classroom, we have begun to label our toys with pictures and words. We have also made a visual schedule for our daily routines to help them transition easier throughout the day.

This month we will also be focusing on your child’s social and personal skills by inviting them to engage in parallel play. In other words, they will be given the choice to play alone or with another child. This will cause the children to eventually become friends and learn to play well with others.

I would like to say thank you to my parents for bringing photos. It has helped the children distinguish family members even when they are in photos.

We encourage you to come and volunteer and spend the day with us. Please come, sit and read a book with your child, or just come in and enjoy lunch with your child. If you are interested in doing any of those things, please just let me or Zareth know.

Thank you,

Master Teacher Anita Stevens

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