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Ms Erin & Ms Allison's Class - Early Preschool 2

Hello, parents!

We had a great month getting to know each of the kids that transitioned into our room. We discussed shapes, colors, and patterns.

October is going to be filled with a lot of sensory and science activities. Our focus ELG will be Standard 1 Science: Child will begin to demonstrate early scientific inquiry skills by questioning, exploring, problem solving, discovering, and examining. We will be using pumpkins in math and weighing them. We will be breaking them open and exploring the insides. We also will do some fun experiments with pumpkins such as making a volcano.

We are super thrilled to be transitioning into this fall weather. As we do, please make sure your child has the appropriate clothes in their cubbies as it begins to cool off.

Ms. Erin and Ms. Allison

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