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Ms Jennifer's Classroom 1

A big hello from Classroom 1!!!

I would like to take the time to say how overjoyed I am at the fact that this month marks a year for myself and the children in my care at our center! We can’t forget Ms. Mollie who also started with us but now is the Master Teacher of Classroom 3. I am so very thankful for these children and their parents for having provided me with the amazing opportunity to teach them and watch them grow this past year. We have formed such a wonderful bond. Getting to see and engage with these children daily brings such a happiness to my heart. For infants and toddlers, all learning happens within the context of their relationships with important adults in their lives. I am thankful and blessed to be able to be one of these adults.

Very young children begin to develop awareness of self and their own abilities as they grow from infancy to age three. Providing learning experiences to encourage exploration in a safe and healthy environment and modeling appropriate actions and behaviors are also strategies to promote development. Hand-washing routines and dressing for weather are just a couple of health and safety practices occurring daily. Teachers are responsible for creating a setting and modeling good health and safety behaviors. This upcoming month we are going to be talking about the changes we are about to watch in the weather along with health and safety.


Ms. Jen & Ms. Halle

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