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Ms Nicole's Class - Preschool 1

Hello, friends and families from Preschool 1!!

The month of September was full of transitions and new beginnings for us. We have new friends and families who recently became a part of our preschool clan, and we could not be more thrilled to have them with us. With changes like these there comes a multitude of emotional and social developmental milestones. These times allow me to use the children’s feelings to expand their skills and allow them to accept and understand why we each can feel different. Being a child can sometimes feel challenging, so embracing these thoughts and actions helps them to communicate and successfully achieve better bonds, forming long-lasting friendships.

Now that we have strengthened our relationships with one another, we can open the door to learning more about each other and explore new common interests. We came across a box in the hall the other day that a few of the children wanted to bring back to class. The children then all wanted more boxes and even different sized boxes so they could put things from our class inside them and hand out gifts to one another. So, as we are approaching October, my friends decided we were going to explore boxes. We are exploring many different types and sizes, playing games, and using the boxes to escape the classroom and ship ourselves off to countries all over the world. I love to listen to them engage and use their creative thinking to take something as simple as a cardboard box and watch as it evolves into a train, ice cream truck, or even McDonald's. They are asking each other questions, learning things that they equally enjoy, and having long and elaborate conversations.

I would like to extend the invitation to play to you, our parents and families. We encourage you to bring small boxes that you may have at your house--things like empty boxes of cake mixes, pasta, oats, cereal etc. We would like to use these to add different boxes and various environmental prints to our learning environments. We would also love to have you come and explore the boxes with us as well. After all, playing is teaching, and playing while learning is fun!

Ms. Nikki

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