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Letter from the Director!

Dear Families

The upcoming months may include some scheduling dynamics that could disrupt your child’s routine. We encourage everyone to set standards for your child’s bedtime, eating, and social engagements for best results in the navigation of his/her emotions. Disruptions are hard for us all; however, young children do not have the capabilities to self-regulate quite yet and have greater risk for developing poor habits at this time. If you need ideas for keeping things sane at home during the holidays, you might visit or These websites will give some good ideas for techniques your family can use at home or even on the go!

With the changes in time of year, please also be reminded that we go outside everyday. Unless the weather is in the dangerous wind-chill levels, we will conduct outdoor adventure. Please send your child’s jacket, hat, shoes and socks. Children are curious; they want to explore. Children also naturally are growing their motor skills and will want to go outside for play and learning. When we go outside, sometimes the teachers have intentional tools set up for them to tinker with; other times the children lead us in play. Either way, we want to keep your child warm and safe during this time. I hope to see everyone bundled up and ready for play. If it is easier for your family, you may bring a jacket or shoes to leave here at school. Sometimes when the weather is moody, it is easier to just have things here in case of need.

In case you missed it, our PTO group is meeting again on November 19 to continue our workshop on Child Guidance and Discipline. If you were not in attendance the first round, you can still join us. We hope to see you there!

What does the center do in inclement weather: The Center works hard to provide consistent care for children and families all year around. We intentionally have few closings to support working families and also to continue the routines of the children. Our teachers have the ability to earn paid time off to be with their families or rest. In the rare instances when the center must close for inclement weather, the Executive Director makes the decision to not be in service that day. The information is communicated on our Facebook page as well as sent to Families via the Procare system. Whatever phone number is registered with the center will receive a text message with the information. Likewise, information is sent on KidsReport in efforts to reach all parents. If we are open, our full services, including meals, are prepared for the children. If the center ever experiences prolonged power outages or any conditions that would prevent us from caring for your child in a safe manner, the same communications would go out, indicating that children need to be gathered from the Child Care Center. We practice emergencies routinely and train our teachers on methods to ensure services can still continue. Our support staff are additionally prepared to be flexible for your family.

Dominique Lewis

Site Director

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