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Ms Ashley & Ms Chyanne's Class - Infants

In the month of November, we worked on our language skills, from sign language to saying words. The little babies enjoyed squealing and cooing and finding their voices.

As for the month of December, we will be focusing on creative skills and physical development standards with our children. The standard for creative skills that we will be working on is: Begin to understand his/her world by using senses to explore and experience the environment. By working on this standard with the children, we will be able to build their senses with many things, from painting with different textures to letting the children explore to broaden their senses in many ways.

As for our physical development standard, we will be focusing on standard 1: Demonstrate basic locomotor movements and use large arm movements (non-locomotor). While focusing on these skills, we will work with the one-year old’s on walking with assistance, learn to climb on our climbing toy, and sitting at the table. For the infants, we will be working with them on crawling, sitting, and being able to balance on all fours.

Chyanne and I look forward to watching each one of the children grow in both areas that we will focus on.


Ms. Ashley and Ms. Chyanne

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