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Ms Bailee's Class - Early Preschool 1

Hello Parents! I hope you and your families had a wonderful holiday.

For the month of January, we will be looking back at our colors, shapes, patterns, and more. This will give us a base station to start for our progression towards pre-kindergarten. We will also revisit our letters and name recognition. With all these skills mastered by the children, we will carry these things through into February to have some fun learning in place. We will continue to have our cold winter wear in our home living into February and possibly longer. You never know here in Oklahoma!

In the month of January, Ms Bailee will be transitioning to teach at the Owasso/Sperry Center. The interim teacher will be Ms Ada who has over 20 years of experience working with young children. Bailee has been working with Ada to prepare the classroom for this transition.

The ELG's that we will focus on with our January learning is:

Mathematics - Standard 1 - Patterns – The child sorts and classifies objects and analyzes simple patterns.

Approaches to Learning - Standard 1 - The child demonstrates positive attitudes, habits, and learning styles.

Ms. Bailee

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