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Ms Ashley & Ms Chyanne's Class - Infants

For the month of January, we continued working on creative skills and physical development. The children have learned so much in the month of January. They have explored with their fingers in many ways and have unlocked their imagination with their creative skills.

The ELG standard that we will be focusing on in our classroom will be: Begin moving with purpose. We will focus on moving with purpose with the younger infants. We do this by teaching them to crawl, roll over, sit up, and stretch out their arms and legs to reach for toys. As for the older infants and one-year old’s, we will help them “move with purpose” by teaching them how to walk on their own. We will also focus on walking with assistance, crawling, and standing up. The infants will work on dumping toys in the baskets which practices fine motor skills and helps with math. They will begin to start stacking toys and blocks in different patterns to see if the children can mimic what the teacher is doing.

Chyanne and I look forward to teaching the children new math skills. We look forward to watching them grow and learn new skills.

Thank you,

Ms. Ashley and Ms. Chyanne

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