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Letter from the Director!

Dear Families,

Are you teaching your child about music? Sharing music with your child is an experience that can cultivate feelings of attachment, sharing of interests, learning of new things, and building familial traditions. During your days at home or riding in the car, take advantage of the moments and introduce music to your child. Perhaps spice up the play list with a variety of instruments, tempos, and genres. If you have access to instruments, even old ones from the garage, let your child tinker with the strings. In our program, music is used to enhance the lesson plan. Some songs are staples in the classroom and sang everyday. Do you know the songs your child’s class sings often?

Child Favorites by class-

Infants: You Are Happy and You Know it (Acapella)

Toddler A and Toddler C: Freeze Dance

Toddler B: Baby Shark

Early Preschool 1: Walking, Walking

Early Preschool 2: Muffin Man

Preschool: Three Little Pigs

Music is often called a universal language, but it is also an expression of self. You can read more about the potential of music for your child on the PBS website:

Dominique Lewis

Site Director

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