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Ms Mashaya's Classroom 2

Hello from Classroom 2,

With the spread of Covid-19, it has made March a roller coaster ride for all of us. I miss seeing each child’s smiling face throughout each day. I miss all they joy the children put into the classroom. I know that it is hard to get your work done during the day with a child at home, but at this time being home is the safest option for your children. I highly encourage you to take this time and make it enjoyable for the family! A fun activity to try at home that supports physical development is Enjoying Music and Using Large and Small Muscles. Sing a song your child knows and encourage them to move to the beat. Babies who can sit up will bounce up and down to the music. Older children may clap, dance in place, or run around. I encourage you to dance with your child. If they can’t stand up yet, hold them while you move with the beat. Sing, dance, and play as long as your child is interested.

You can also motivate learning at home by praising actions, sharing ideas, and boosting your child’s confidence. Talk about what your child is doing while they play. This is called parallel talk. Use a positive tone of voice and BE SPECIFIC about their actions. Some examples are: “What a tall Tower! I like the way you used the rectangle block on the bottom. That made your tower strong!” or “You put your baby in the bed gently. Mommy is putting her baby in the bed just like you did.” Ask to take turns or trade toys with your child. “I’ll give you the red ball if you give me the blue one.” Taking turns is an important skill, but it can be hard skill to learn. If your child gives you a turn, be sure to tell them “Thank you for giving me a turn”.

I know this is a tough time for all of us, but we will get through it together. Tough times never last, but tough people do.

Thank You,

Ms. Shaya and Ms. Kortney

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