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Ms Debra's Class - Toddler 2

Hello, Families!

We are happy that the rest of our friends have been able to join us back at school, and we are working on rebuilding relationships with each other and learning how to communicate and interact with peers and teachers.

This month we will be engaging in science activities and engaging our senses. We will do this by reading books about our senses and engaging in different activities. One such activity will be a balancing act through which we will begin to demonstrate early scientific inquiry skills through questioning, exploring, problem-solving, discovering, and examining.

Science for toddlers involves a lot of hands-on experiences that engage their senses and get them thinking, thus, teaching them about their surroundings, themselves, and what they are capable of. It also builds knowledge that will better help them to understand the world in which they live.

Towards the end of the month and the first week of September, we will be doing some simple cooking activities as we make banana peanut butter “ice cream” (2 bananas and 2 Tbs peanut butter smashed/ mixed together and frozen) and peanut butter bread.

We now have new summer menus. Some menu items will remain the same, but we have several new items for breakfast, lunch, and snacks. Be on the lookout for new foods and how your child is eating on kids reports, keeping in mind that according to the CDC , when introducing new foods, “It can take more than 10 times before your toddler might like it.” We encourage all of the children to try new foods and new experiences.

Ms. Debra & Ms. Lindsey

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