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Ms Bailee, Ms Becca, & Ms Lydia's Class - Todder 1

Hello, Parents & Friends!

Last month we explored all things transportation and community helpers. The children loved getting to see all the different pictures of cars and trucks, and they especially loved playing with them. Also, in last month’s newsletter, we talked about incorporating sign language into the classroom daily. The children are doing amazing with this, and we are excited to see the growth in their communication. We have noticed that when the children do sign, they also say the first sound of the word they are signing. For example, many of them will sign “more” and with this they say “mm”. We’ve also noticed they empty their hands before signing so their sign is clear to us. To explain further, at lunch when signing for “more”, they will set their fork down or place their cup on the table, then do the sign for “more”. When they are home, you may notice more hand movement which is likely an attempt to communicate with you through sign. We will continue infusing sign language into our daily communication and encourage families to do the same in the home, as this strengthens their communication skills.

For August, we will be moving on to see different parts of the World! We will visit the ocean, the jungle, the desert, and even space! Ms. Bailee and Ms. Becca are both excited to bring some different elements into the class for the children to learn about these places. We will utilize books, pictures, and lots of sensory items to help them learn what these places are all about. We can’t wait to hear what they bring home to you after visiting these places.

Thank you,

Ms. Bailee, Ms. Becca, and Ms. Lydia

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