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Ms Courtney & Ms Erika's Class - Preschool

Hello from the Pre-K Room!

We have been using our curiosity skills to learn about farm animals by exploring multiple facets such as environment, noise, emotional expressions, and play preferences. In the classroom, we listened to real recordings of animal noises to see if we could guess what animal it was, which was a fun time for all! We also played a game called “Horsey Faces.” One child would make a facial expression, then the class would have to guess what emotion the child was showing. Talking about the way animals interact and express themselves helped add to the kiddos emotional word bank. It also gives them some additional avenues for self-regulation (an example of this being: picking dandelions). When a child picks a dandelion, they pick up the ‘flower,’ take a deep breath to smell it, and then blow the dandelion fuzz away while exhaling, thus relaxing their breathing and helping them feel better. We encourage trying this technique at home to support your children’s self-regulation skills.

Next month, we will continue to learn about animals by focusing on sea creatures. There are plenty of animals in the sea to explore. You can look forward to the family activities your child will bring home and encourage their learning by sharing what you know about sea creatures. **Fun fact: An Octopus has 3 hearts, nine brains, and blue blood.

Ms. Courtey & Ms. Erika

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