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Happening around the Region

The last few months, all of us here Resource and Referral have been busy out helping programs with their new QRIS applications. During that time, Heather Cruz, Renae Barnett, and Tracy Hinton also took the time to work on our continuing education hours by attending the Focused Portfolios classes. We highly recommend this class to all providers-contact CECPD to see about scheduling it in your area.

L to R: Tracy and Renae working on a poster; Heather and Renae creating a Winter Wonderland invitation to play; Renae and Heather along with Mike and Mistie Jackson (family child-care providers in our region).

We also made time for some team-building and fun.

L to R: Kelsey on the zip line; Renae, Heather, and Tracy having lunch at Tumbleweeds in Bartlesville.


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