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Ms Amanda's Class - Toddler 2


Well, October has come and gone. We continue to work on our social emotional skills daily. We have been getting better at using our words to talk to our friends and teachers and to identify our feelings. We are also learning how to use soft touches with our friends.

Our classroom has changed over the last month or two. Some of our older friends have moved up to older classrooms, while some younger ones have moved in. All our younger ones are adjusting nicely to their new toddler room. Those who used to be our young ones are now our older ones, and they are doing a good job of helping teach the younger ones how to participate in our everyday routine.

Please keep in mind that we are toddlers, and we love to get messy. We have all day access to our sensory table which could have colored water in it or possibly flour, rice, or oatmeal. We also have all day access to the art easel. We teachers will attempt to change them into paint shirts before they get their clothes dirty; however, with a room full of toddlers, often they will get to those areas before we can get a shirt on them. Please, do not put your children in clothes that you don’t want ruined. Also, please make sure they have several (at least 3) changes of clothes that are weather appropriate. And with the weather turning colder, it would be a good idea to send your child with a warm coat, gloves, and mittens for outdoor play.

Besides colder weather, November will bring time with family and lots of yummy food. We will be talking a lot this month about our families and being thankful. Speaking of which, if you have not brought family pictures, please do. We would love to have them available for your children to have throughout the day.

As always, thank you for allowing us the opportunity to care for your children. We are so blessed to play a special part in your child’s life.

Ms. Amanda T.


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