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Ms Anita's Class - Toddler 1

Hello, T1 Families!

Last month in T1 our focus was on spatial awareness. That means knowing where your body is in relation to objects or other people. The children had so much fun climbing through tunnels, jumping up and down, crawling on the ground, and learning new songs that involved different movements. One of those songs was Going on a Bear Hunt by Dr. Jean.

This month we will be studying ELG Science Standard 2: The child will investigate objects with physical properties and basic concepts of the earth. We will focus on the weather, and we will do this by singing “What’s the Weather” every morning at group time. With the changing of the season, we will also explore the changing temperatures and the color changes in nature as fall comes into full swing.

We will be exploring our changing outdoor environment by finding new items to use for our art activities such as leaves, rocks, sticks, and other items. We will bring them inside to continue investigating their different properties and will include them in our sensory bin. We will also be exploring the different bugs that come out as the weather begins to change.

As always, be on the lookout for the activities that will be sent home on Fridays. Please remember to send warmer clothes and jackets for your child to keep in their cubby. We hope that everyone continues to stay safe and well.


Ms. Anita and Ms. Regan


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