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Ms Anita's Class - Toddler 1

Last month in T1, we were learning about self-help skills, encouraging the children to try to do things on their own with little help. When help was needed, we suggested to them to gesture or say, “Help, please.” The children really started to be more independent in their daily routines like getting their jackets and shoes to go outside and getting tissues and wiping their own faces. When a child would spill something, they would go get paper towels and attempt to clean it up. They really enjoy washing their hands and throwing their paper towels away when done.

This month we will be learning all about the different things of Christmas, such as new songs and books around the room and Christmas related items in the sensory bin like wrapping paper. We will be building snowmen with peppermint scented playdough, gingerbread dough, cookie cutters, and so much more.

Remember to always stay safe during the holidays. I’m asking for the guardians and parents to send me any special traditions you celebrate with your family. You can email me at

We can’t wait to get the holiday cheer started in T1!

With love,

Ms. Anita & Ms. Regan


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