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Ms Ashley's Class - Infants

Kaitlyn and I are very excited that we have a full class now. In the month of November, we have done a lot of things. We are transitioning our older infants to sitting at the table, drinking out of a sippy-cups, and eating table food. It is so exciting to watch this new journey. As for our younger infants, they are learning a lot of new things as well. They are learning to sit up, roll over, and crawl.

As for the month of December, the ELG that we will be focusing on is: ‘Begin to show interest in exploring his/her environment.” The way we will help the younger infants achieve this goal is by showing them new objects that they can grasp and hold onto. We will also be working on tummy time and sitting up as well. The ELG that will be for the older infants is Mathematic Skills Standard 1: ‘Begin to recognize similarities and differences, including familiar and unfamiliar people, objects, and routines’. We also will be working on puzzles and identifying if the children can place them in the right spots. Kaitlyn and I look forward to teaching all the children these new skills. We will also still work on our communication skills using sign language.


Ms. Ashley and Ms. Kaitlyn


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