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Ms Ashley's Class - Infants

The month of June has been a blast! We have been exploring in water this month, and we will continue to do so in July as well since it will be so warm. The children are loving it! The children have developed so many new skills from crawling to standing up with support and without support. Also, the children’s language has really blossomed.

For the month of July, we will still be going outside in the morning for the children to explore in the water. I will also try to take the one-year-olds out onto the toddler playground as well to be able to explore on that playground. The ELG that I will be focusing on for the month of July is Creative Skills: “Begin to understand his/her world by using senses to explore and experience the environment.” With this ELG, I am going to mix different textures and smells in paint for the children to be able to use their senses, along with using different textured items to paint on like bubble wrap and sandpaper.

The next ELG that I am going to work on with the children is their Language Development. The first language ELG is “Demonstrate awareness of communication through listening and observing.” This ELG is for my little infants that I have. I will do more face-to-face communications and show them different emotions and call their name when speaking to them. We will also work on eye contact and pause for response when talking to them. The other language ELG that I am going to work on is “Begin to recognize sounds and or spoken words for familiar objects, people, and simple requests.” With this ELG, I am going to read more books with different objects in them, and we will talk about them and what they are. Also, I will start to point at things when I am talking so that the children can also be aware of what I am talking about. We will sing songs and work on some new sign language such as apple, banana, milk, the word help, please, and thank you. I will send out some papers of these different sign language words so you can work on them at home as well.

I am looking forward to teaching the children these new skills and watch them develop them on a daily basis. This summer is going to be so much fun! If you have not already brought swim clothes, please do so that the children can explore in the water. We will also need summer clothes as well. I will send home any winter clothes the children have so that you can bring summer clothes.


Ms. Ashley

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