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Ms Ashley's Classroom 1

Hello, Classroom 1 Families!

So many different things have been happening in the classroom. The class spent the month of December learning about creative skills. Together and individually, the children developed their fine gross motor skills by working more with their hands. As a class and as individuals, we worked with different art mediums and textures. We used our minds to come up with new and exciting ways to paint a picture. Everyday objects and nature itself can be used as a paint brush. The children love being outside, and with the winter weather, we took full advantage of the opportunity. In our outdoor classroom, the class would work together to gather snow and bring it inside. We came up with different ways to make art with the snow. Along with the snow, we worked together to make holiday ornaments for our families.

I am excited for the month of January as we will be learning about the Early Learning Guidelines of Communication Skills and Early Literacy. Communication and literacy skills are an essential development in all aspects of learning in life. In the early stages of life, children develop the process of communication through sounds, gesturing, and emotions. When a child hears or is involved in conversations, the building blocks for communication are being established. Ways to build on these blocks are simple - talk to them at meal times or engage them at story time. During story time, ask questions about what they see or what they think will happen in the story. Communication is an essential tool for lifelong learning.

Ms. Ashley


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