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Ms Ashley's Classroom 1

Hello, Classroom 1 Families! ​​

I cannot believe the month of January is gone! The class spent the month of January learning about Communication Skills. Together and individually, the children are developing lifelong skill sets. The children are achieving these skills by engaging in conversation during story time - the teachers would encourage the class to openly discuss what they saw and felt as well as what they think would happen in the story. Mealtimes were another great way we worked on communication as a class. With the younger children, their form of communication is through gestures, sounds, and emotions. The older children would encourage their younger classmates to say words they were struggling with. With the older children, we encourage growth using sentence structure and fully engaging them in back-and-forth discussions among their friends. Another great way we encouraged communication growth is during just day-to-day routine and play. While the children were engaged in activities, we would ask the children open-ended questions and build on the structure of their sentences. Getting engaged and asking children questions in their daily lives helps foster communication and the structure of their future.​​


With the month of January coming to an end, I would like the class to focus our next month on the Early Learning Guidelines of Self and Social Awareness (Social Studies). With the studying of oneself and the world in which we live, we can lay a better foundation for later learning. Children as young as infants can perceive and notice differences between themselves and their friends. Being aware of the different cultures and family dynamics helps children learn to be respectful of their friends and society. Along with learning about the differences of family and friends, learning about the community in which we live is another important topic in early learning - who are police officers, firefighters, and mailmen, and what do they do for us in the community. I am excited to explore these questions and more with the class in the month of February. ​​


Ms. Ashley ​


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