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Ms Bailee, Ms Becca, & Ms Lydia's Class - Todder 1

Hello, Parents!

Can you believe we are almost at the end of 2020? I just want to take a quick moment to thank you all for attending our conferences. I feel as though we accomplished a lot in our small window of time and cannot wait to use the information shared by each of you to help your children grow. Please remember that you can reach out to Ms. Bailee at any time to keep an open line of communication about your family and how we can best help you.

In the month of September, we enjoyed some fine motor skills with the kiddos. Introducing new toys to help them understand how to better work those little finger muscles was so much fun. Engaging with them through this process and stepping back to observe gives us more ideas each time on how to better provide them with what they need.

Along with fine motor, we are still engaging in sign language daily. Every day it seems as if the children can use more and more words. Even if it takes a few times for the children to get the motions right, it is worth every practice round of learning how to talk with our hands. I am attaching more sign language words with pictures to do at home with the children. We hope you will enjoy!

Coming up, we will focus on colors and expressing ourselves with open ended art. Learning our colors through fun activities will help the children to recognize the colors faster. We have books, puzzles, toys, and activities centered around learning our colors, and we cannot wait until you get to see the growth at home as well. If you have any fun ideas on how to help the children learn about colors, let us know! We love parent engagement in the rooms!


Ms. Bailee, Ms. Becca, and Ms. Lydia

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