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Ms Bailee & Ms Brittney's Class - Todder 1

Hey, Parents and Families!

We have seen major growth in your children recently. Miss Britney and I are so proud of the kids we have and how much they achieve every day. Recently we have introduced two new things. One is simple graphing to practice mathematical strategies. We have graphed bugs that fly and bugs that crawl by placing them into the category where they belong. We have also used the same categorical graphing to place fruits in the color that they match by using 4 columns at one time. The children have loved it, and we plan on doing one chart a week in the future. They have even participated in different ways by providing ideas on graphs we can make. For example, one child asked to separate cars and trucks into two different columns. This is amazing! We have only done it twice, and they are adding ideas!

Secondly, we have been adding in a lot more three-point practice with the children. Three-point practice is when you are practicing and developing the skills to hold a pencil in correct form, use tongs, and even learn to cut by placing your fingers correctly. The kids have loved cutting paper, using new writing tools, and using the rings in the sensory table. We have already seen improvements in their skills, and we plan to continue the work with three-point practice so they can get even better.

We hope you will soon see graphing and three-point practice happening at home as well. Until then, if you have noticed anything that you would like for your kids to be working on, let us know! We would love to work with you to have your kids leaping over the goals we have for them.

Ms. Bailee, Ms. Brittney, & Ms. Lydia


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