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Ms Courtney & Ms Becca's Class - Preschool

Hello from Preschool!

Since school has been back in session, our classroom has been working hard on getting back in the classroom routine. To help the children better adjust, our lesson plans have been very simple. Transitions have been extra intentional and suggested sitting time minimal. We have planned activities like play dough in the sensory tub and coffee filter art to keep the children engaged and challenged. Moving forward, we will continue to add extra activities like planned dance parties, journal time, and more reading time throughout the day as the children show an increased ability to handle the extra time. When it comes to the next big topic of study, we are still waiting to see what the kids express an interest in and what topics they want to learn about.

Notes: A simple game like follow the leader or Simon says is a great way to regain attention, dissolve frustration, and to practice listening skills.

Happy Valentine’s Month!

Ms. Courtney & Ms. Becca


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