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Ms Emily & Ms Ozzy's Class - Toddler 1

Hello, Toddler 1 Families!

We are working on getting situated into our new classroom, and the children are loving all of our new toys both inside the classroom and outside on the playground! This month our focus has been on mathematics. Some areas of focus we have been building on in the classroom are numbers and shapes as well as finding different patterns in the environment. The children love finding different shapes in the classroom. We have also been counting a lot. We count everything from the friends in our class to the number of blocks we are building with. Mathematics is a great skill to learn for children and can be done through simple play and everyday activities.

This next month, we will be turning our focus towards Social and Personal Skills. I believe this is a great skill for toddlers to learn because they are just finding out how to play with others and how our actions can affect other people. We will be building relationships with teachers as well as peers through simple play and everyday activities. We will also be working on regulating emotions and behavior. This one is important in the classroom whenever confrontation arises between friends. We are learning to use our words, and it is important to offer the right words to the children so that they know what to say to communicate their thoughts and feelings. These different skills we work on in the classroom are beneficial to the toddler’s growing mind and body. I love that we are able to learn new things every day, and it can be done through play and fun activities! We are excited to learn new things this month in our new classroom!

Miss Emily and Miss Ozzy

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