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Ms Emily's Class - Toddler 4

Hello from the Toddler 4 Classroom!

We have been busy learning about science and all the different properties of science. We have been taking walks to the pond and exploring the environment around us. It is so fun to be able to see the different changes that are happening as spring approaches. We see and pick all the new flowers that are blooming, we hear the birds and see the geese on the pond, and we look up to find different shapes in the clouds. Spring is one of my favorite seasons, and I love exploring it with the children.

We have also planted our very own tomato seeds! We are eagerly watching and watering them, waiting to see them sprout. As soon as the plants begin to grow, the children will be able to take the plants home and hopefully be able to produce tomatoes that you can enjoy as a family! The children have really enjoyed exploring the different properties of science such as questioning, exploring, and problem solving, as well as exploring our very own environment and all that it has to offer!

As we move into next month, we are excited to explore our communication skills and early literacy. These skills bring extra support to so many different areas of our children’s development. We will work on how children respond to their environments as they hear different things through songs and books. We will also be focusing on expressive language and learning to express our needs, thoughts, and interests through gestures, sounds, and words. We will be exploring many books to build our literacy skills, and we will also be focusing on pre-writing skills in our drawing and coloring. Our children are already great communicators and readers, but we will continue to grow these skills to help further their development which will lead to success later in life.

It is so amazing watching these little ones grow and develop every day! We hope you are able to explore these same skills at home, and as always, read with your babies to develop all of these skills and so much more!

Ms. Emily


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