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Ms Erin's Class - Early Preschool 2

Hello, Families and Friends!

The month of October has been a blast! We have enjoyed using our scientific tools while we explored many items of Fall. We measured our pumpkins, opened them up, looked inside using a magnifying glass to get a better look, compared the size of seeds, and so much more. Watching the trees change color and comparing the different leaves was a daily experience for us, and we loved it! Moving on into November, we will be focusing on ELG-Literacy Standard 3. Print Awareness - The child will understand the characteristics of written language. We will focus on recognizing our name in print, letters of the alphabet, and how to properly care for our books. We look forward to spending more time this month with books and reading and writing in the classroom. This will be fun! Ms. Erin and Ms. Anna


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