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Ms Erin's Class - Early Preschool 2

Hello, EPS2 Parents!

In celebration of Dr. Suess's birthday on March 2, our EGL for the month will be Language Arts. We will be providing opportunities to strengthen our language and communication skills by offering activities that encourage the children to express ideas and feelings as well as listening and understanding each other. With March 2 also being National Read Across America Day, our class and EPS 1 are going to have a friendly reading competition which involves the families as well. Each night as you read to your child, make a note of the Title and Author, send it to class the following day, and we will create a red and white striped Dr. Seuss hat. The goal between the classes is to see who can make the taller hat. At the end of the month as a group, we will celebrate with story time and snacks together. Good Luck to all of us and keep on reading!!!

Ms. Erin and Ms. Sarah


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