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Ms Nikki's Class - Early Preschool

Dear parents,

As you know, we have had a lot of changes in the last few weeks, and we have made new friends. We are working on using our listening ears and kind words, so we put in our classroom the kind bucket. This is to help the children learn how to be kind with each other. This is how the bucket works: When a child does something kind or helpful for a friend or teacher, they will get to put a heart, star, or smiley face in the bucket, depending on what they have done at that time. I’m hoping this will help the children learn to be sharing and caring with each other so that we can be closer as a classroom, making our classroom a family. I will be letting you know how they have done with their bucket by the end of the day.

We have mud day coming up on June 25th. Please make sure you have your child dressed accordingly for that day!

Thank you,

Mrs. Nikki D

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