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Ms Pam's Class - Preschool 1

Spring has arrived and is such an exciting time for all! We have been learning about plants this past month and talking about the parts of plants and what they do, along with what plants need in order to grow. The children have been able to see our tree on the playground go from bare to buds, and finally, to new leaves. Also, on the playground, we have looked for clover and dandelions. A couple of the children even found a 4-leaf clover!

A week before St Patrick's Day, we had daily visits from a leprechaun that played tricks on us. The children loved coming in everyday to find out what tricks he had played the night before. They had so much fun making a trap and trying to catch him!

Our class has been able to look at and touch a variety of seeds and see the pictures of what those seeds will grow into. Next month, our class will be planting carrots, onions, and potatoes in a see-through grow bag. They have been very interested in foods that grow under the ground, so that's how we decided what to grow. With the see-through window on the grow bag, the children will get to watch these foods as they grow! We are also planting sunflowers in small pots that they can take home and care for.

We are looking forward to more warm days and lots of days to play outside. Welcome Spring!


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