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Ms Rebekah's Class - Preschool

The month of May has flown by in the Pre-K class! We have had lots of fun planting, watering, and caring for the vegetables and flowers in our garden. The children are enjoying finding insects, slugs, and snails outside.

We are working on rhyming words, and our book we are focused on is There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Frog. This book is funny and has lots of rhyming words. The class enjoys pointing out the rhyming words and talking about how silly the Old Lady is from the book. We have also learned about how this book is fiction and how we can tell that it is fiction.

In June we will be focusing on insects, snails, and slugs. We will continue to work on rhyming and a variety of math skills such as measuring and classifying. We will be playing in the water more, and we will continue to care for the plants in the gardens.

I am looking forward to a great summer of fun and learning!

Ms. Rebekah


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