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Ms Stormee's Class - Infants 2

We have been doing a lot of fun and exciting things in Infant 2 this month!

We have been welcoming new friends into our class this month as well as keeping our routine as normal as possible for the children. We have spent as much time outdoors as possible, weather permitting. We have been focusing on a lot of extra language and social-emotional development this month. We have been getting a few new friends, so I feel that is important to create those social emotional connections from the very beginning. We took the children outside and had a little photoshoot with some cute pumpkins that were written on and decorated.

We want to thank our families for giving us the opportunity to love and care for your children every day! It is an opportunity each of us teachers take very seriously! Infant 2 has been working with our new friends, teaching them our schedule as well as adapting to each one of their unique schedules. As always, following our infants schedule is number one as we figure out the needs of each infant in our care.

We look forward to the upcoming holidays with our friends!

Stormee Avallone

Master Teacher

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