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Ms Trista's Class - Early Preschool

Hello, Parents!

February was a messy month! Now on to March and warmer temperatures.

In February we began working on how to express our emotions and learning what each emotion looks like. We have begun working on telling our friends how we are feeling instead of using our hands or yelling voice. We have a new friend in our class made of yarn named “a little fit”. When we get upset and need to throw something, we can grab our yarn ball out of our cubby and throw “a little fit” to help with our anger. We are going to incorporate strategies to help us calm down, such as taking deep breaths or hugging a stuffed animal. We will continue working through our emotions as they are always a part of our life.

Also in February, aside from the snow and ice, we were able to participate in National Dough Day on February 19, 2021. We were able to use playdough made by Chef Roger to enjoy a day full of excitement. We used googly eyes and pipe cleaners to make shape monsters. We used dinosaurs, bugs, and shells and made fossil imprints in the playdough. We used straws and playdough to make 3D shapes. Dish Soap, Cornstarch, and Water make what we called cave slime that we used to manipulate during Outdoor Exploration.

Coming up in March we will continue to incorporate how to express our emotions appropriately, but also how to express our language and ideas to the teachers and other children in the classroom. We as adults should not feel compelled to argue, debate, or engage in a win lose argument with our children because your opinions and rationale will definitely differ from that of a 4-year-old. 😊 The importance of allowing your child to voice and give their own opinion is that it helps them to think for themselves and gives them a feeling of empowerment.

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