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The Director's Cut

Hello, Ivy Academy Families!

Can you believe May is already behind us? June is here, and with that comes warmer temperatures and exciting outdoor activities. International Mud Day is officially celebrated on June 25 at all Ivy Academy locations. You might be thinking, “Every day is mud day at Ivy Academy Owasso/Sperry!” . . . and you would not be wrong! The presence of mud is quintessential to outdoor experiences during spring and summer, and there is a simple reason why we incorporate mud on our playgrounds and even dedicate an entire day to playing in the mud—we believe that it is OK to get dirty! Not only is it OK to get dirty, but it is also an important, natural, and instinctive part of play. Research shows that getting dirty is actually good for you. Dirt contains a microscopic bacterium that can boost the immune system. Studies show that children who are exposed to these bacteria early in life develop better tolerance to things like asthma and allergies.

Mud play can also improve cognitive function in children. It gives children a tactile experience and allows for an opportunity to express their creativity while enhancing their fine motor skills. Mud play is inclusive of all children and allows them to play at their own developmental levels, as it is an open-ended material that meets the diverse needs and interests of different children in different age groups. Younger children may focus more on the sensory experience while the older children might have more specific goals in mind for their mud play.

While we understand that mud play can be an inconvenience at times when your child comes home with dirty clothes or sometimes even mud in their hair, we simply ask that you take a moment to embrace the mess—the benefits of mud play far outweigh the inconveniences, as your child is learning through their environment! Plus, seeing the pure excitement on your child’s face makes the mess all worthwhile!

Randa Jones

Family Service Coordinator

Ivy Academy Owasso/Sperry


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