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Who Needs a Coach Anyway? Well, We All Do!

The 2022 Winter Olympics is happening right now, and if you have not gotten a glimpse of these phenomenal athletes, you should take a moment. When I see the diversity of the sports that are displayed and the wide range of people who participate in them, I am in awe. But my amazement often takes a different course than those around me. When I see greatness in the classroom, I often find a teacher who dug deep to keep a student engaged and inspired to keep learning. When I see excellence in sports, I am drawn to the passionately interacting coach finding ways to help the athletes define their skills. The admiration is most evident when I see adults with a coach seeking to develop and challenge themselves with growth opportunities for their lives and those with whom they interact regularly.

So, what is professional coaching? Coaching is partnering with a skilled professional to discover and work through processes that will inspire and challenge the professional to maximize their personal and career potential. Coaching begins with discovering needs, defining goals, and then spans the course of learning, practicing, and mastering new skills and abilities. Coaching is one of the most dynamic types of learning by those who participate in a complete coaching cycle. If the greatest athletes in the world can utilize a coach's effectiveness to reach success, as professionals seeking to be our best daily, we too can find ways to grow with a coach.

Coaching is a natural path to progress. As Oklahoma child care providers, you have been given a unique and bountiful opportunity to collaborate with a coach, completely free of charge, for your business. The coach will not be giving you a box program that you need to complete, yet interacting with you individually to discover and create pathways for you to succeed in the spaces in which you identify and desire support. The Business Enhancement Project is designed to give each provider the time and space to collaborate with a coach in areas that will increase profitability and productivity at the highest levels.

By: Laura Clary


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