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The Full Story

Success Stories from the Field

Our Resource & Referral teams work hard to provide quality coaching, technical assistance and training to providers in the North Central and Northeastern regions. Here are just a few stories that highlight our dedication to partnering with providers to improve quality and confidence for themselves and the children in their care. 

Raising Hands
Home pre-school education

Unexpected Impacts

One of my centers I was visiting with a teacher and she had concerns about one of her little guys visions. I told her that I had a hearing and vision screen that I could send a permission slip for his parents to sign and I can screen his vision and they can take results to eye doctor. I said, "You know what, offer it to all of your parents so you will not single out one child; it doesn’t take but a minute for each child and no contact or hurting of the child." Families were excited for their children to be screened. The little guy she had concerns the vision screen found nothing, but we took picture of screen and sent to his parents. Then a little girl came forward, and my machine showed a weird thing, her left eye on the screen was distorted and purple. It said 'eye exam with doctor needed'. So I told teacher it was okay and to not have the parents panic maybe it was my machine, but to be safe make eye appointment. Her parents did and her left eye was diagnosed with Amblyopia (lazy eye). Both her parents and teacher had no clue, and I expected a lazy eye to be dominant in features. They eye doctor is involved now and helping that baby girl to be able to see better. So bravo for the teacher being open to the screening and the parents following through to get baby girl taking care of immediately.

Networking and Coaching

Thrive Family Child Care Network and North Central Resource and Referral are a huge asset to my business.  They provide valuable resources and services.  I love the trainings and opportunities to learn as well as meeting with other providers. Plus the goody bags and door prizes are amazing too.  The trainings are so great I schedule my other events around them. 


Another great thing about this program is that they provide our licensed daycare information out to the public. This is a great resource for Oklahoma families and providers.  


I absolutely love Tracy and the girls.  They provide one on one consultations and follow ups. They are so helpful and knowledgeable. Tracy provides trainings that meet my needs and interests. She has helped me become a better daycare professional and has been one of my biggest cheerleaders.  Her specialty in the business side of daycare has been a blessing. 

Gift Bags

Kind Thank-You's

To whom it may concern:

I would like to send out some praise to Heather Cruz our resource and referral specialist. Heather has been wonderful for our center at Oak tree children's academy. She helped me as the director with preparing for STARS and increasing our level. She has helped with classroom issues, giving suggestions to teachers and guiding in room arrangements. Heather has been at our school doing training sessions and all the teachers have loved her and also have learned something from the trainings. The thing I love the most is Heather's heart for children and how knowledgeable in early childhood she is. I love having her on my TEAM. Thank you, Resource and Referral, for helping childcare Centers with resources that help us be the best we can be. Thank you, Heather, for bringing a positive sweet loving spirit into the center when you visit. 



Shannon Eckert

Gardening Together

Long-Term Impacts

One of the family child care home providers that I work with as part of the Business Enhancement Project had a goal to start putting money back for retirement. She met the goal and is now saving for her retirement. 

A Very Kind Thank-You

It was a long day, but my heart is full. Jan and her crew with the Northeast Resource & Referral 2023 Reconnect Event did an outstanding job. I have never felt so supported as a childcare provider as I have since I've had Jan for a coach. She is such a blessing. We had world-class trainers whose passion, education, AND real-life experience was oozing from every word they said. I had a great time seeing a lot of my childcare provider friends. They had 5 food trucks lined up for us to choose our own lunch. I chose some delicious street tacos that were fantastic. They had the event at a beautiful facility in Pryor. They gave away fabulous door prizes AND even though I didn't win anything I came away with a pile of great resources and notes to do my job better. The weather was great, the company was great, the presenters were great, and you could tell that childcare was respected there. It was just good for my heart. Thank you to everyone who worked hard to make this training amazing today. I have been to many Applebaum Training Institute trainings but this was my first time to hear Marilyn and Marty in person. They are incredible! Feeling blessed and inspired.

-Christina Kamp


Leaving a Legacy

Flora Murphy just retired after 69 years of providing child care in Muskogee. She is a legend and icon in the community. She has served under many titles like Nanny, babysitter, director and most recently family child care provider. The children in her care all lovingly called her Memaw. She is such an inspiration to other child care providers and has impacted the community for two generations. She will be greatly missed in the field. Happy retirement!

Help for FCCH's

Resource and Referral has helped me tremendously in helping me with my Daycare. We love the trainings and workshops that Resource and Referral puts on for us. The trainers snd speakers are wonderful. They make sure that you totally understand the training that they have put on for that day.
They take good care of us , they feed us lunch and have wonderful door prizes that compliment our Daycare.
Heather Cruz is my Resource and Referral Trainer, I couldn’t ask for a more wonderful person to work with. Heather is just a phone call away and is ready to help me with any questions that I have that I don’t understand. I appreciate all her help.
I love Resource and Referral!
Frances Hunt

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