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June 2016

Dear Friend,

Summer is upon us, and there are so many outdoor activities that you can do with the children in your care!! One activity that you can do every week is to have a day of water play -- but especially for International Mud Day on June 29th. Get those hoses out, find some dirt, and get to rolling in the mud!! The children have so much fun! For fun mud activities, Click here for the World Forum International Mud Day website, or Click here for some ideas on Pinterest.

We generally just think of flags and freedoms for the 4th of July, but June 14th is Flag Day! Teach your children the significance of our national flag and how important it is to honor it, to treasure the freedoms that we have in our country, to be proud to be Americans, and to be good citizens. Click here for Flag Day fun!

One of the most important days in June is the day to honor fathers! Help the children in your care make little gifts to give to their fathers for Father's Day on June 19th, to let them know how special they are!! Click here for Father's Day craft ideas!

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