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Bright Beginnings Welcomes New Teachers!

We want to introduce you to our new teachers!

Elizabeth Williams, Early Preschool Master Teacher

Elizabeth Williams has worked with children for many years. She enjoys teaching new concepts and ideas. Elizabeth has her Bachelor's and Master’s Degree in Healthcare Administration. Elizabeth is excited to be working with children, and she brings experience in working with families as well. Elizabeth’s favorite thing is to provide students with what they want and need, but to also teach them to develop resiliency.

Kira Carey, Toddler Assistant Teacher

Kira Carey has an Associate's Degree in psychology and excited to be working in the field of early childhood. Kira works with the toddlers in our center on their creative approaches. She enjoys seeing the children make their own creations and also make friends. In her free time, Kira spends time with her daughter and family. Her favorite part of her job is bonding with the students and giving them someone they can count on.

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