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Ms Jenny’s Class—Preschool

Whew! December flew by fast! I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday! Thank you to everyone who attended the class Christmas party and for bringing treats for the kids to enjoy! I also want to thank everyone who came to the Christmas program. I know the kids loved seeing Santa Claus and getting to sing for you!

In December, we really enjoyed learning about what a meteorologist does and using science to make discoveries about clouds, as well as watching the chemical reaction that melted our candy canes!

January is going to be full of new learning adventures as well as we explore what it would be like to be a chef, a plumber, a firefighter, and other exciting professions in the world around us! Be sure to check out our dramatic play center for changes that bring our career curriculum to real life exploration!

As chefs, we will be experimenting with different tools used for cooking and what takes place in a restaurant! Let us know what recipes you like to make as a family and what restaurants you like to dine at!

As budding artists, we will be making our own play dough by following a simple recipe which can also be made at home.

I am really excited about 2018 and what it will bring in our class!

Also, if your family would like to volunteer to take care of our new pet, Namey, over the weekend, just let me know! Thank you for all the Christmas treats, and I hope you all have a great new year!

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