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Ms Keely’s Class—Toddler 2

We are so excited to begin the New Year together in Toddler 2! I would like to start with a big “Thank you” for partnering with us through 2017 to help your children grow into extraordinary and brilliant individuals.

December was an extremely busy and fun month as we learned about snow, ice, and the cold weather, and also the items of clothing that we wear to keep us warm.

For the month of January, the Toddler 2 class will begin studying our colors one by one. We will learn about Red, Yellow, Orange, Blue, and Green. We will talk about things in the world around us that are these colors and explore ways of mixing red and yellow to make orange and mixing blue and yellow to make green. Throughout this study I will be asking you (via KidReports) to dress your child in the color we are currently discussing in class, so be on the lookout for those messages!

We will be taking walks throughout the play grounds and around the pond to spot these colors in the environment and also will be collecting natural items of these colors to bring back into our classroom to investigate, so please make sure to bring your child a warm winter coat, hat, and gloves to keep them warm on our walks.

The last two weeks of January we will be learning about dinosaurs and reptiles. If your child has a favorite book about dinosaurs or reptiles, I invite you to bring it to read and share with their friends. If you bring a book, please put your child’s name inside, and be sure to take it back home at the end of the day. Thank you!

With February and the arrival of Ms Keely’s baby get closer, Ms Keely may be out of the classroom some for doctor appointments and such. If you have any concerns or questions during a time when Keely is out, please feel free to get in contact with Ms Jessica. Jessica will be stepping in to the role of Master Teacher while Keely is out on maternity leave.

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