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Meet our New Teachers!

Ms Liz Taylor, Float

Hello, and thank you for a warm welcome to DCDC!

My name is Liz Taylor, and I have worked in every class! However, I will be positioned at the Family Child Care Home as soon as it opens!

I have some experience working with children in child care, and have previously been a nanny for a family with two children. I am currently pursuing a degree in Developmental Psychology so that I can continue my work with children!

Thank you for allowing me to be part of your children’s lives and experience here!

Ms. Bethany Moffet, Substitute

Hello! My name is Bethany Moffat. I work often in the Preschool classroom for enrichment, and I also sub for other teachers when needed.

I have worked with children for many years in multiple capacities. I started working in a before/after school care center right out of high school. I worked for that facility for two years while going to school. After that, I was a house manager for a home with boys with disabilities where I was in charge of their daily care, and educational and medical needs.

I took a break from caring for children and went into the medical field until my daughter was born. Then I opened an in-home childcare.

I attended college for my LPN and worked as one for a few years. I also took classes towards my child psych/child development degree, as well as marketing classes.

My fiancé and I have a daughter who is 10. We are all very active and enjoy running, hiking, swimming, and bike riding. I also enjoy reading, cooking, baking, painting, drawing, music, knitting, and sewing.

Since working at DCDC, I have found that everyone here has a heart for children and a willingness to help each other out.

Ms. Alexis Tinsley, Substitute

My name is Alexis, and I go by Lexie. I mainly work in Toddlers 1 & 2; however, I'm always happy to help out wherever I'm needed. I have a fur baby that I love to take care of. I will be getting my CDA and eventually my bachelors in education.

Ms. Mashaya Wagy, Substitute

Hello! My name is Mashaya, but most people call me Shaya. I recently moved here from Colorado, and I love the area. I have three dogs at home that I adore and take for walks every night.

I previously worked as the Director’s Assistant at a non-profit, “no kill” animal shelter during the day and at night worked as a cheer/dance coach. I knew working with children was going to be my passion, and I am excited for my position here at Delaware Child Development. For now, I’m mostly in the Infant room as a Substitute teacher, but soon I will be moving to T1 as a Float. My plans are to continue with my education toward a degree in Early Childhood Development as soon as possible.

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